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Human-Led Technology Enabled
Intelligence and Cyber Defence

Sapper Labs Cyber Solutions (SLCS) is a leading sovereign, veteran-owned, intelligence and cyber defence company focused on provision of the products, services and training available to Canada's military, Government and critical infrastructure operators. Together with our unique partners, we offer solutions in both the classified and sensitive domains, our FVEY partners and friends. We operate a unique capability to defend Canada’s most critical operations (sectors and enterprises) against the world's most sophisticated threat actors in the information domain.

Proven Mission Assurance

With Canadian Made Services 


We bring to market military-grade (battle-tested) operational intelligence and cyber defence capabilities to directly support operational outcomes. State-of-the-Art Active threat detection, identification and hunt platform using advanced AI/ML.

Advanced Cyber Defence

Advanced cyber defence system capable of automated threat hunting-at-scale and deploying countermeasures across information and operation technologies, mobility and cloud environments, edge networks, critical infrastructure and high-value platforms. An elite red cell capability for Attack Surface Analysis, Digital Forensics, and enhanced situational awareness. We model and simulate real-world advanced persistent  threats within sophisticated Cyber Test Range.


Sensing the planet from sea floor to space, cyber and cognitive domains. Our analysts produce tailored intelligence reporting derived from all-source collection including world-class cyber threat intelligence, CSINT/OSINT/SOCMINT, imagery, deep field researchers, academic outreach and subject matter experts. Our evidence collection product is widely used in human rights investigations globally.

Operational Support Services

Our team has real-world experience operating in contested environments against the most sophisticated adversaries. We provide direct operational support anywhere on the planet.

Elite Training

We provide the advanced cyber intelligence and defence training to operators and leaders within critical private and public sectors. 

We are able to deliver rapid capability development at the speed–of-cyber.

Engineering agility at operational tempo

Intelligence insights and active cyber defence

Sapper Labs Inc. (SLI) has been a provider of advanced cyber defence products, services and training to Canadian commercial and public sector clients, since 2006.  The team combines cutting-edge technology, talent and tactics, with deep mission experience in military, intelligence and security operations.


SLCS is a Canadian company based in NCR with office locations being established in Ottawa and Fredericton NB.  SLCS specializes in the development of advanced intelligence and cyber defence products with operational support services for defence, intelligence, security, law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructures.


SLCS product development, services and training is differentiated by decades of military-grade operational experience. We adopt a human led, technology-accelerated approach to intelligence, cyber defence and security that leverages a network of elite professionals and partners.


Years of Experience


Cyber Attribution of Sophisticated Threat Actors in the Defence of Canada. The first cyber successful challenge through the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program


 Advanced cyber warfighting. Mission-oriented training and technology for Canadian Military Commanders and staff.


Advanced intelligence fusion and cyber defence capability

Innovative Solutions Canada Testing Stream for a Military component strategic Priority Area.


Delivering operational outcomes and effects.

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