Our Mission

SLCS is a leading sovereign cyber intelligence and defence company focused on provision of the most advanced products, services and training available to military, security, intelligence, public safety, law enforcement and critical infrastructure operators. We offer innovative and operationally effective solutions for a highly-competitive world.

Mission Objectives

​Our Corporate Objectives include:

  • Do more to protect the privacy and security of Canadians and our allies

  • Support core operational functions of: Command, Act, Sense, Shield and Sustain through cyber space.

  • Produce relevant, actionable and timely intelligence for public sector clients, Canada’s industrial base and private sector

  • Support national security, law enforcement and military objectives with advanced open source intelligence.

  • Deliver expert assistance to military, intelligence, security, public safety, law enforcement and critical infrastructure operators.

  • Help secure economic prosperity for a digital Canada through advance open source intelligence and cyber defence capabilities.

  • Deliver strategic information advantage to leadership in Industry and Government to enhance Canada’s security, prosperity and competitiveness through actionable intelligence

  • Provide expert network for cyber and intelligence operations that defend Canada and advance national interests.

  • Innovate advanced intelligence and cyber defence solutions for the emerging digital landscape

  • Operate the most advanced cyber defence and intelligence platform 

  • Deliver hyper-realistic training, modelling and simulation through our advanced cyber test range.

  • Provide thought leadership and expert voice for cyber intelligence, defence and mission assurance

  • Help Protect and defend information infrastructures of importance to Canada.

  • Secure a sovereign cyber supply chain.

  • We are simplifying complex technology environments through integration, automation and application of actionable intelligence for defence.

  • SLCS apply advanced cyber intelligence and analysis to a state of the art cyber defence platform and then practices the client through advanced training, ranges and simulation of real world threats.

  • We are passionate about ensuring a secure sovereign supply chain for Canada and for its key partners/allies in global defence.

  • We believe in cooperative and shared risk models to develop, build, operate and sustain advanced intel, operational platforms and training environments with clients.

  • Sapper Labs has donated technology and training globally in support of human rights and for the investigation of war crimes. 

The team is lead by intelligence, security, and military operators. The principals of the company have on average 30 years of experience across public and private sectors in this domain. 

We are  supported by a network of trusted expertise and partnerships to bring to market military-grade (battle-tested) operational cyber intelligence and defence capabilities which directly support operational outcomes for nation states, industry and critical infrastructures.

We engage these unique capabilities to support full-spectrum cyber operations, counter advanced persistent threats and defend the Internet of Everything (IT/OT/PT) using human-led intelligence that is accelerated by automation, machine learning  and Artificial intelligence.

We produce tailored intelligence reporting and provide direct operational support anywhere on Earth.

Unique Operational Experience