Accelerated Cyber Intelligence and Defence

Our Services

Advanced Cyber Defence

Advanced cyber defence system capable of automated threat hunting-at-scale and deploying countermeasures across information and operation technologies, mobility and cloud environments, edge networks, critical infrastructure and high-value platforms. A next-generation capability to conduct enterprise-wide, attack surface analysis, provide enhanced situational awareness, strategic foresighting, actionable intelligence, digital Forensics and threat hunting at scale. We fuse all-source intelligence sources with big data using AI/ML and leverage advanced automation to provide direct support to cyber operations. We can model and simulate real-world threats within our Advanced Cyber Test Range.  


Our analysts produce tailored intelligence reporting derived from all-source collection including world-class cyber threat intelligence, OSINT/SOCMINT, imagery, deep field researchers, academic outreach and subject matter experts.  We use big data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and experienced human analysts to make sense of the environment and deliver intelligence that is timely, accurate and actionable. 

Red Cell

Red Cell tests the effectiveness of blue force security tactics, technology and personnel by using the  Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of an adversary. It rigorously challenges plans, policies, systems and assumptions of friendly forces by adopting enemy strategy and capabilities, emulates threats. It involves full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well people, processes, technology and security controls can withstand a deliberate attack from a real-life adversary.  We help measure potential exposure, resilience, mission assurance and damage.  Red cell provides valuable input into security operations, planning and engineering. It conduct strategic fore-sighting and assessment, modelling and simulation of future adversarial capabilities and intentions, disruptive trends and technologies to inform alternative intelligence estimates. 

Operational Support Services

Our team has real-world experience operating in contested environments against the most sophisticated adversaries. We provide direct operational support anywhere on the planet.   We deliver operational outcomes that matter to our clients for intelligence and cyber missions, including enhanced operational security and overwatch.

Tailored Solutions.

Our team provides engineering agility at operational tempo. We are able to deliver rapid capability development at the speed–of-cyber, engineer bespoke solutions to wicked problems, integrate the very best technology and innovate applied research to field next-generation solutions today.


We bring to market military-grade (battle-tested) operational security, intelligence and cyber defence capabilities to directly support operational outcomes: Command, Act, Sense, Shield and Sustain. We specialize in ultra secure cyber command, control, communications,  intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance infrastructures to support adaptive dispersed operations and enhanced mission assurance.  

Military Grade Solutions for Critical Missions

Defending a national critical infrastructure or providing cyber mission assurance for the sea, air, land, space or cyber domains in direct support of military, intelligence, security, public safety or law enforcement missions. 

We design, build, deploy, operate, operate and maintain operate Security and Intelligence Infrastucture-as-as-Service (IIaaS).

Training and Simulation

We provide the advanced intelligence and cyber defence training to operators and leaders within critical private and public sectors. We leverage our extensive operational depth, training and simulation technology. We can build a Persistent Training Environment (PTE) consisting of cyber range, learning management, student management, evaluation, testing and qualification tracking requirements.  We can simulate or sandbox actual operations and train individually and collectively, against real-world scenarios.